Chick Capoli Sales Company, Inc.

2 North Main Street, Suite 203C, Medford, NJ 08055
P- (856) 768-4500 F- (856)768-7442

Quality Lines, Quality Service,
Quality People.

We are proud to recognize Chick Capoli Jr. as our 2019 Sales Representative of the Year,” said Doug Labac, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Winhere Brake Parts, Inc. “Chick has been instrumental in our continued growth with our traditional distributors in the Eastern US. He has been an excellent partner and brings an exceptional level of support to our customers.”

“I am honored to be recognized with the inaugural Sales Representative of the Year award from Winhere Brake Parts,” said Chick Capoli Jr. “I truly believe in the Winhere program and work hard to help my customers grow their market share in a leading category like brake rotors and drums. The Winhere quality and service levels are industry leading, I am proud to represent such a great company.”

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